Oonsai does not accept returns. All of our products are custom made to order, and we highly recommend purchasing samples before ordering larger goods. If you believe your product to be defective and it has not been used or installed, please contact us within 10 days of delivery so we can review your issue.

Product Variation
Due to the bespoke and small batch nature of our products, variations can occur. Fluctuations in the digital printing process, textures of woven natural fibers, and small custom dying of yarn are all issues that can contribute to variation but also offer a unique bespoke feeling to your product. We strive to retain a standard consistency but allowances are made for up to a slight tolerance of variation.

Sale of Goods
We sell all our products with the belief that they are of the highest quality and will serve their intended purpose. You as the customer must take into account your particular situation and the conditions of the intended site. Any and all defects should be reported immediately (within 10 days of delivery) when discovered prior to installation, or processing of any manner. Our liability will not exceed the value of the products in question. We are not liable for loss of profits and consequential, financial and other losses.

All designs are the property of Oonsai. Reproduction of our designs is unlawful.